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Navigating safely from full lockdown to normalcy

Self-assessment of risk enabling informed choices

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Do you identify as one of the BAME(Black Asian Minority Ethnic) or Mixed race groups as set out in this link?


Covid-19 seems to have a bigger impact if you already have other pre-existing health conditions. You may want to speak to your GP or your union representative, if you are not sure about these questions.

Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 or 2?


Cardiovascular disease.
Are you on any treatment for Hypertension (high blood pressure), Atrial Fibrillation (Irregular heart rate), Heart Failure, Previous MI (had a heart attack), had a stroke, or Transient Ischemic Attack (mini stroke)?


Chronic lung disease (including asthma, COPD, interstitial lung disease)?


Chronic kidney disease (any stage 1-5)?


Sickle cell trait, Thalassaemia trait or other haemoglobinopathy?


Obesity – Covid-19 seems to have a bigger impact if you are overweight?
This link will help you work out your BMI – if your BMI is more than 30 OR If your waist circumference is:

Family history

Covid-19 seems to have a family susceptibility for some people, especially twins.
Has a member of your immediate family (parent under 70, sibling, child) been in ITU or died with Covid-19?

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What is the lockdown phase of the area where you live?

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